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Charge Faster

A wall outlet just won't do. With a new at home charging solution from Charge Guys you could be adding up to 60 Kilometers of Range Per Hour.


Charge Smarter

WIFI Solutions

Always be connected. Get live updates to your phone and reminders when to charge and for how long with smart EV Charger solutions

Schedule Your Charge 

We help customers reduce your ownership costs even further by optimizing your station to charge when electricity is cheaper. 

Multiple Vehicles

Plan for your next EV today. Develop a customized plan  to accommodate multiple EVs in the future and maximize the technology for your home.

Protect Your Investment

Stay charged for the years to come. All of our solutions are backed by a manufacturers warranty and workmanship guarantee.

Get Money Back

Programs are constantly changing across Canada and are administered by your local utility. Our team works directly with each LDC in your region to maximize any potential incentives, rebates, subsidies or tax credits that may be available to you for your charger. To learn more about programs available in your area that you're eligible for, talk to one of our charging experts.

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