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Future Proof Your Fleet

Charge Guys brings knowledge and experience when planning and implementing EV infrastructure helping you select the right solutions for your business. We ensure your fleet has the fuel they need so you can run your business.


Fleet Electrification 

Data Reporting

Access detailed charging reports that can help inform your business decisions. Know where vehicles are, their use patterns and standard charge times. 

Turn-Key Solution

From initial concept through to execution, we guide you through layout, construction and operational planning. We take care of the details so you can focus on your running your business.

Hardware & Software Agnostic

Our approach allows you to pick from all charger providers. Our goal is to help select the right solution for your fleet, big or small.

Protect Your Investment

Stay charged for the years to come. All of our solutions are backed by a manufacturers warranty and workmanship guarantee.


Programs are constantly changing across Canada. Our team works directly with each stakeholder in your region to maximize any potential incentives, rebates, subsidies or tax credits that may be available to you for your business. To learn more about programs available in your area that you're eligible for, talk to one of our charging experts.

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